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Gearing Up

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What is JuNoWriMo? It’s your opportunity to write 50,000 words in 30 days, whether it be a novel, a non-fiction work, or a handful of short stories. Whatever your project is, we’re here to help you make it happen.

We’ll challenge you with word sprints and dares, we’ll inspire you with pep talks, and – most importantly – we’ll be your support system when the writing gets rocky. The JuNoWriMo community is awesome when it comes to encouraging each other for success. There’s a closeness here you won’t find in other writing challenges. Jump in our forums for a brainstorming session, to hash out a story issue, or to simply connect with other writers. Win badges you can display on your Facebook page at each word count milestone.

The point is, if you have something you want to write “someday,” write it with us in June!

Sign Up ~ Win Stuff

This post kicks off the second in a series of giveaways for anyone who registers for JuNoWriMo 2014. If you’ve done JuNoWriMo in the past, you’re eligible, too. Just log in to your profile and update your status to show us you’re in for another year. (You can enter all three giveaways, so if you didn’t win the last one, now’s your chance to try again!)

There will be three winners for this giveaway. The first prize is a writer care package full of awesome goodies such as: chocolate, tea, pencils, pens, sticky notes, notebooks, finger-less mittens, a hand-painted JuNoWriMo bookmark, and more! A big shout out to JuNoWriMo crew members Angi Black and Vicki Trask for donating this awesome care package!

Our second prize is a JuNoWriMo coffee mug. Keep your beverage of choice at hand as you write your way through June – this mug is the perfect companion.

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The final prize in our giveaway is a helpful tool for preparing for JuNoWriMo. Alicia Wallace at Word Wielder is giving away an hour-long novel prep session to one lucky winner. What better way to get ready to write that book?


More than anything, we want you to tell other people about JuNoWriMo, so you get BONUS giveaway entries for a couple of things. First, write a blog post to gain 5 bonus entries.

Second, print out this flier and post it locally at coffee shops, libraries, bookstores, or anywhere you have permission. Take a picture so we can see where you posted the flier, and you get another 5 bonus entries (you’ll post this image online, either on a public Facebook page/Pinterest/Instagram/Flickr or on your blog – just somewhere we can view it publicly).

***Note: photo must be clear enough to show us both the interior of the location AND the posted flier (not just a close-up image of the flier) to be a valid entry.

Another way to get bonus entries is to donate to JuNoWriMo. Any donation made in 2014 (minimum $10) gets you 5 bonus entries!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now, then enter the giveaway! Don’t forget to tell all your friends so they can join us, too!
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