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DebraMy name is Debra Mauldin and this is my first JuNoWriMo. I started making up stories and writing them down, by age ten. I served as Editor of my high school newspaper for two years. I took creative writing classes throughout college.

JuNoWriMo Plans

My project for JuNoWriMo is a novel I started writing after the passing of my maternal grandmother. I wanted to show the twists and turns of her life; some fictional and some non-fiction. It was a time in my life when I became interested in the menstrual cycles of women and life.

I have begun writing this novel several times, but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. During JuNoWriMo, I hope to finish this book. I have experienced twenty-plus years since the passing of my beloved grandmother. I feel ready to finish the book.

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3 Replies to “#JuNoWriMo Featured Author: Debra Mauldin @dmauldin3”

  1. That is such a beautiful idea to write about! I feel the love coming from your words. I can relate with you a lot. I, too, have always had stories in my head. But I didn’t like reading or writing until middle school XP. Also, my grandmother died recently, and I am dedicating a book to and naming that book’s main character after her. You don’t always think about the impact grandparents really do have on their grandchildren’s lives. Maybe because, in the past, grandparents haven’t been able to be around very much. But no matter. What matters is now, and now, we love and miss our grandparents very much.

  2. Good luck! I hope it turns out the way you’d prefer this time. I just finished draft eleven of a novel that insists it has to be told one way when I want another…

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