Pep Talk Week #2: Keep Going!

Hello, lovely writers! We’re into week two. This is a great week for writing, if you’ve hit your stride. That momentum can carry you on through and really pick up steam like a snowball rolling down a hill. 

But what if you aren’t there? What if you haven’t found your groove? It’s simple – it’s okay. You’re not behind, this week is another chance to begin. A chance to build on what you do have. 

For me, when I run into a wall – one that’s usually made of cinderblock and held together with the strongest cement to ever exist – I shift my focus. 

Instead of a daily word count, my plan is just to get in front of the computer. 

Instead of a length of time, I try to build a habit. 

And I’m not above bribing myself either. Write some words? Probably should go buy a book!  

There’s not one path to success this month. If you write one word, you’ve already succeeded. In the business of writing books, imposter syndrome can run rampant. Don’t let it get in your head. Every single person who writes has a different path to their success and every single person has a different view of what success even is. So as we run headlong into week two, just know you’re doing great! Every word is one more piece in reaching your goal. 

Every person who writes is a writer. 

Be gentle with yourself and don’t worry about someone else is doing. 

Just remember – it’s your goal and your success and it belongs to you. 

I’m Angi Nicole Black and I’ll be around leading sprints with you throughout the month. I’m a writer and editor as well as a Musical Theater nerd who teaches that and dance at Missouri State University. You can find me on Twitter at @anginicole722 and my website

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