JuNoWriMo 2022 Winner Reward

This year we have a very exciting reward for the first 15 people who win JuNoWriMo. How do you win JuNoWriMo? Write 50,000 words – starting June 1st.

Margaret McNellis, writing coach and editor, has offered a special deal to this year’s FIRST 15 people to finish JuNoWriMo. Here are the details:

In this special package (usual investment: $250, but offered for free*), Margaret will read 7 strategically chosen chapters in your manuscript (chapter 1-3, two random middle chapters, and the last two) to see how your book measures up in a quick manuscript review. This is the type of review many agents give a full manuscript.

*Margaret will offer this during the month of July to the first 15 people who complete their JuNoWriMo manuscript and reach out to her. Are you one of the first 15?

IF you have completed JuNoWriMo and finished your book, Contact Margaret at the link below to claim your reward!

Claim My Free Manuscript Review

And congratulations on finishing JuNoWriMo!!!